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  • Current Covered Areas

    - City of San Antonio, TX (USA)

    - City of Chicago (USA)

    - City of New York (USA)

    - London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (UK)

    - London Borough of Ealing (UK)

    - London Borough of Greenwich (UK)

    - London Borough of Hackney (UK)

    - Canary Wharf area, London (UK)

    - Covent Garden Market area, London (UK)

    - Poplar area: stretch of Bow Road- Mile End- WhiteChapel, Spitalfields (London, UK)

    - Part of London City area: Victoria Street, Embankment, Southbank (London, UK)

    - Town Centre of Shrewsbury, England (UK)


    Bike Rack Locator is intended to cover all bicycle parking locations around the world.

    We and with the helps of cycle commuters communities are working to grow the coverage area of Bike Rack Locator. 


    Contact us if you have bulk of bicycle parking locations to be mapped or download our 'Bike Rack Locator' iPhone and iPad Apps to participate posting bicycle parking locations in your area.


    Always check this page to find out the most updated area covered by Bike Rack Locator, who knows your area has been covered too.



    CyclingVilles makes no claims as to the content, accuracy, timeliness, or completeness of any of the data provided on Bike Rack Locator App or at this site. It is understood that the data provided is being used at one's own risk.

  • Total Posted Bike Rack Locations is 14,838 (up to today)